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I’m Tori, a luxury, celebrity hair stylist based in Scottsdale and L.A. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of working with high-end clients like the ones I have now. There’s nothing like giving someone a luxurious experience that transforms their hair and boosts their confidence! It’s what drives me to work as hard as I do. Throughout my years in this industry, I’ve also loved sharing my tips and tricks on my social media platforms— not just for hair, but for makeup and fashion trends too. Helping women feel more beautiful is a huge passion of mine that I can’t wait to keep sharing with my growing community.


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At Fansē, we are more than just a salon. ✨ We are a movement, a lifestyle, and a pledge to premium service. We view hairstyling as an Art Form. Our team of fine hair artisans elevate the craft of styling through superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every client who comes to us is treated as a canvas, with our team using their skills to transform you into a Fansē masterpiece.Our customers place a tremendous amount of trust in us with their time, money, identity, and self-esteem. We take this responsibility seriously, upholding a high standard of conduct, respect, and attentiveness.

Hi Angel! Thank you for your interest in scheduling your first hair appointment with Tori Elyse.

Please note, this is a request form, and submitting a request does not guarantee an appointment, due to the ever-changing nature of Tori’s schedule and availability.

Upon submitting this form, your appointment request will be sent to our scheduling team and awaits approval.

Confirming your reservation for bookings at Fansē Salon in Scottsdale may take 5 business days. We will either follow up to confirm the reservation, or will contact you to discuss other opportunities.

If you are looking to book with Tori at Bomane Salon in Los Angeles, you will be added to her waitlist and contacted only if and when she has availability.

We appreciate your patience and will speak with you soon.

Hi Angel! Thank you for your interest in shadowing with Tori Elyse.

Please take some time to answer the following questions and submit for our team to review. You can expect a response within 5 business days. We appreciate your patience and will speak with you soon.

Please note that Tori’s current full-day shadowing rate is $3,000.